Using Strikethrough Price

CG: As of 3/12/19, this topic has been unpublished until the correct column headers can be determined.

Some channels offer the ability to show strikethrough prices on listings. Requirements exist for this feature; for example, you typically cannot use a strikethrough price that is lower than the listing price or the MAP price for that channel.

Below is a list of column headers used to bulk-update strikethrough price for different channels. Most require MAPPrice to be set:

  • eBayEnableStrikeThroughPrices – Must be set to true to show the strikethrough price
  • MAPPricingTreatment: MAP – Only show MAP
  • STP – Show regular price with strikethrough in addition to MAP
Newegg NewEggDotComCheckoutMAP
Jet JETMapPriceImplementation
Walmart Marketplace
  • If ListPrice is lower than WalmartAPIPrice – Sent as a strikethrough price
  • If ListPrice is lower than AmazonPrice – Sent as a strikethrough price

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