Pricefalls Orders

Automate Pricefalls Order Download and Tracking Upload

  1. Navigate to Pricefalls Settings. These settings are per-company based.
  2. Enable setting Enable Order Download. 
  3. Enable setting Enable Tracking Upload. 

Cancelling and Refunding Pricefalls Orders

All Pricefalls orders must be cancelled and refunded through the Pricefalls seller dashboard.
After cancelling an order on Pricefalls, set the order as cancelled in SellerCloud as well. Manage Orders > Select Order > Set Cancelled from Action Menu.
While refunds are managed on Pricefalls directly, the P&L of the order may need to be updated manually in SellerCloud.
If the item is being returned an RMA should be created in SellerCloud to manage the return process.

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