Posting a Product to Pricefalls

Ready your product for listing by completing Pricefalls attributes. Some attributes are can be entered on the Pricefalls Properties page while other will be taken from the product home page and elsewhere.

Required Properties: 

  • Product Title – defaults to Product Name but can be changed
  • Category
  • Long Description – on Product Home page. May contain basic html. Acceptable html tags include


    , ,


    • , , ect. Avoid advanced tags such as
      and inline styling.
    • Fixed Price – required for fixed priced listings.
    • Quantity
    • Manufacturer SKU –  The MPN.
    • Shipping Cost – not required if shipping costs are set on the store level. Weight is required for API and Per LBS calculation.
    • Shipping Type – Free Shipping or if charging for shipping select Data Feed.
    • Description Image
    • Pricefalls Enabled – When not enabled a quantity of zero will be sent in the feed.
    Additional Properties:
  • UPC
  • Returns Policy
  • Shipping Weight
  • Lead time to Ship – single digit like 3, or a range like 3 – 5. Changes to the Pricefalls lead time to ship, as well as all product properties, update automatically in the regular inventory feed.
  • Additional attributes on the Pricefalls Properties page.
Listing on Pricefalls
After the products are ready for Pricefalls, they will automatically upload to Pricefalls with the regular inventory upload.
Likewise, Using the action Post to Pricefalls and Update on Pricefalls will not generate an upload to Pricefalls. Rather, they will be included in the regular inventory feed.

Pricefalls Variations

SellerCloud supports sending variations to Pricefalls. They are only limited to 2 dimensions: color and size. Any other type of dimensions will be rejected by the channel.

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