Check out this short tutorial on dropshipping an order directly from a vendor to a customer.


Dropshipping is when a seller transfers a customer’s order and shipment details to a manufacturer rather than stocking their own goods. This takes away the need for picking, packing, shipping, and maintaining your inventory. Before dropshipping an order, makes sure you have configured the dropshipping and understand inventory levels when dropshipping.

Dropship Orders

  1. Go to Orders > Manage Orders > Select orders.
  2. From the Actions menu at the lower-right corner, select Dropship.The image shows the Dropship option.
  3. Select a Vendor > Select the orders > Enter Vendor Order ID (present if Allow To Enter Vendor Order ID When Dropshipping Order is enabled) > Dropship.
    Note: If you want to specify a different vendor for each order, use the Vendor field in the Orders panel.The article shows the Dropship Details page.
  4. After the status updates, click Send Email for each PO. This will send the PO to the vendor.The image shows the Send to Vendor icon.
  5. After the vendor sends confirmation, update the order’s status to reflect the order’s current dropship status.
  6. When the status is updated to Processed, enter the tracking number and shipping data. The order’s status at the order source (Amazon, eBay, etc.) will update and the tracking number will be posted.

Dropship with a file upload

Select a file export type from the dropdown menu on the Dropship Preferences page (see Dropship Configuration for more information). Contact Sellercloud Support to confirm which file meets your requirements. If none is available, Sellercloud developers can create an export format for you.

Mark Products/Orders as Pending Dropship

  1. Go to Catalog > Manage Catalog > Open a product.
  2. From the Toolbox, select Shipping Preferences.
  3. Click Edit and in the Preferences panel > DropShip Mode field, select Ship from Vendor or Ship from Manufacturer.The image shows the shipping preferences.
  4. The order will only attain a Dropship pending status, which will prevent it from going into Shipbridge. It will have to be dropshipped manually.


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