Customer Service Overview

On this page you will find general information about customer service and links to all related sections.

Creating Orders Manually

Most orders come into SellerCloud through automatic feeds but sometimes you need to create orders manually. A good example for this are the wholesale orders.

The process of creating a new order manually is described here.

Communication Between Customer Service and Shippers

The best way to share communication between the customer service staff and the shippers is to place notes into the Customer Service Notes field on the order.

  1. In order to be able to see those in ShipBridge you need to go to Menu > Options > General  and disable the Hide the customer note tab setting.  This should be set on all devices using ShipBridge.
  2. This will require the shippers to read and acknowledge the customer service notes before the order can be shipped.
  3. The Note Section of the order can be found under the products list of that order. Select the Customer Service Note type.

Security Roles

If your company has employees doing different tasks, it’s a good practice to allow them individual access just to those areas of SellerCloud that are important for their workflow. SellerCloud offers various Roles that can be assigned to each user and a way to restrict each page view. More info about the user security roles can be found here.

Customer Management

An account can be created for each customer, which includes all contact and shipping information. More info can be found here.

You can also create a wholesale customers. More info can be found here.

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